Financial Services

Investment should always be done & linked with some specific goal in order to achieve financial freedom.Corona Pandemic has taught many new things to an individual investor. An investor should invest while keeping following Goalsin mind:-

  1. Child Education: Now a days, higher education cost is ever increasing and sometimes it is beyond affordable. Young Couples should start planning for their child education at an early stage so that they can meet the heavy education cost with the corpus build at appropriate time. With just Rs 3000/- per month savings, we can have a corpus of 20 lacs at the age of 18 years of child. It will definitelysupport in the child higher education.
  2. Child marriage: Child marriage is a big dream of every one’s life. Every parents desires to accomplish marriage of their children with full lavishness and joy but, if it is not planned in proper manner than it may be burdensome task sometime. The moment one couple become parent, they should start planning for their child marriage. If it started at early stage than with just 4000/- per month of investment, parents can have corpus of more than 60 lacs at the time of marriage at 25 yrs.
  3. Own dream house : Own house is always a big dream for every one and with the ever rising prises of houses, it becomes very difficult to fulfil this dream without proper planning with just 15000/- per month of investment, a person can have built a corpus of around 70 lacs with in 15 years. It will defiantly support in dream house purchase.
  4. Luxury four wheeler: Four wheeler is now not a luxury, it become a necessity now a days. We can fulfil our goal with disciplined investing.
  5. Retirement Services: To have safe and comfortable post retirement life is every body’s dream. But as per study, very few people in India plan for it. If we plan early for retirement than we can have a corpus of around 1.50 Crore with just 5000/- per month savings for 30 years. With this corpus, we can have life long handsome pension to enjoy post retirement life.
  6. Emergency Corpus: Corona pandemic has taught us a very important lesion that every body should plan not only for sunny days but also for rainy days. Every body should have one emergency corpus. There is varied definition of such fund. But in simple words, we should have a emergency fund equivalent to our six months gross earnings. Business class persons normally does not consider sincerely for such fund. Rather they prefer to invest all their savings in business in order to have more growth. But in case of some emergency time like Corona Pandemic, we can not survive without such fund.
  7. World Tour etc.